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Hey Elbert County, Colorado!

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Elbert County Colorado Clerk & Sheriff stand against atheist bullies! 12/1/15


Proposed Sand Creek Memorial fosters guilt and forgets Indian atrocities! 11/29/15


Terror attacks in Paris, France part of globalist destruction of culture and national sovereignty! 11/19/2015


Columbus Day is a good day to remember! 10/12/2015


Wildlife thrives in Chernobyl human exclusion zone 30 years after nuclear accident! 10/6/15


Bitter black man executes Texas Sheriff's Deputy, not called hate crime! 8/30/15


Bitter, black gay man murders two straight whites! Is this a hate crime?   8/30/15


Black Lives Matter protest movement led by Communist Sympathizers! 8/30/15


147 years ago Indians rape and murder Dietemann Family near Kiowa, Colorado 8/25/15


Denver religious  discrimination against Chick-Fil-A 8/21/15


Is the Tiny House America's Future? 8/20/15


Strong summer storm strikes Elizabeth and Kiowa downing trees! 8/17/15


Spokane Sheriff says constitutionalists,  gun owners, Tea Party are greater threat than ISIS! 8/15/15


EPA workers cause massive toxic waste spill in Colorado and media does its best to suppress release of story! 8/10/15


Lion killing blown way out of proportion! 7/30/15


Safeway brand tortilla chips contain Silly Putty ingredient! 7/29/15
Senator Gardner garners Conservative Review rating of F!  A 20% showing puts Gardner in bed with radical leftists! 6/29/25
Confederate flag is not about racism or bigotry!  6/28/15
Supreme reprobates!  US Supreme Court approves of total immorality!  6/27/15
Head of Boy Scouts of America says its okay to have homosexual pack leaders!  Gates green lights Don't Ask Don't Tell for scouts! RIP morality in the USA! 6-7-15


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Black Sheriff calls out Obama on race war!