Wake Up Elbert!

Black Sheriff calls out Obama on race war!

Hey Elbert County, Colorado!

This is not your mainstream news!  Hard-hitting and straightforward news with more than a local perspective.  A real conservative  perspective for those seeking some truth in  events surrounding our lives.

Are Denver Mayor Hancock, Denver County Sheriff Firman and Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper complicit in recent deaths caused by illegal aliens?  2/23/17


Is Senator John McCain Insane? 2/23/17


Elbert County Colorado Clerk & Sheriff stand against atheist bullies! 12/1/15


Proposed Sand Creek Memorial fosters guilt and forgets Indian atrocities! 11/29/15


Terror attacks in Paris, France part of globalist destruction of culture and national sovereignty! 11/19/2015


Columbus Day is a good day to remember! 10/12/2015


Wildlife thrives in Chernobyl human exclusion zone 30 years after nuclear accident! 10/6/15


Bitter black man executes Texas Sheriff's Deputy, not called hate crime! 8/30/15


Bitter, black gay man murders two straight whites! Is this a hate crime?   8/30/15


Black Lives Matter protest movement led by Communist Sympathizers! 8/30/15


147 years ago Indians rape and murder Dietemann Family near Kiowa, Colorado 8/25/15


Denver religious  discrimination against Chick-Fil-A 8/21/15


Is the Tiny House America's Future? 8/20/15


Strong summer storm strikes Elizabeth and Kiowa downing trees! 8/17/15


Spokane Sheriff says constitutionalists,  gun owners, Tea Party are greater threat than ISIS! 8/15/15


EPA workers cause massive toxic waste spill in Colorado and media does its best to suppress release of story! 8/10/15


Lion killing blown way out of proportion! 7/30/15


Safeway brand tortilla chips contain Silly Putty ingredient! 7/29/15
Senator Gardner garners Conservative Review rating of F!  A 20% showing puts Gardner in bed with radical leftists! 6/29/25
Confederate flag is not about racism or bigotry!  6/28/15
Supreme reprobates!  US Supreme Court approves of total immorality!  6/27/15
Head of Boy Scouts of America says its okay to have homosexual pack leaders!  Gates green lights Don't Ask Don't Tell for scouts! RIP morality in the USA! 6-7-15


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