Wake Up Elbert!

The media and President Obama blame guns and have taken the opportunity of this tragic murder to promote their anti-gun agenda.   Blaming guns for these murders is like blaming a car for drunken driving!

The mainstream 'news' media dropped reporting on this story within one day after its occurrence.  If the murderer had been other than a gay, black man they would have been on this story for at least a week or more.  Imagine if the murderer instead of being gay and black had been a white, straight male?  Imagine if the black & gay murderer had been a straight, white male who executed two gay, black people and posted his selfie video of the execution on his twitter account?  What if the murderer had instead been a white male member of the Tea Party, a John Bircher, a militia member, a constitutionalist or a member of a conservative Christian church?  The media would have been on that story every night for weeks if not months!  Instead, it is now old and irrelevant news to them since it doesn't fit their social agenda they call news.

But because the mainstream 'news' media is promoting white only racism, white guilt about racism and blacks being habitually oppressed by whites as they continually report, the story of a gay black murderer who clearly committed a racist hate crime by murdering in cold blood two white and straight people just wasn't the kind of 'news' story they like to report on!  The mainstream 'news' media is tremendously biased and promotes an agenda of racism, feminism and disinformation all the time.

Bitter black gay man murders two former fellow employees and blames it on them!

Last week on August 26, 2015 a former black employee of a small town news agency executed two of his former fellow employees who were white.  The black gay man who had an LGBT flag in his apartment gunned down the two news employees in cold premeditated, methodical fashion while filming the execution himself and later publishing it along with a lengthy manifesto.  The angry, bitter black gay man blamed the murders on his former fellow employees saying that they had 'bullied' him for his homosexual lifestyle and that they were insensitive homophobes that needed to be killed!   The killer expresses admiration for other mass murderers in his 'manifesto'.

Since the murderer was gay and had an LGBT flag in his apartment, shouldn't we now seek to blame all LGBT's for this crime?  Using typical, liberal logic of guilt by association shouldn't we now associate homosexuality and the LGBT movement as racist, intolerant, murdering thugs who have no respect for life?  Shouldn't we now seek to ban the 'rainbow' flag since it is associated with murder, black racism and homosexuality as liberals have been doing with the confederate flag?