Corruptor of youth!

Wake Up Elbert!

Captain Ernst Roehm

The newly elected leader of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) says if it were up to him he would allow homosexual troop leaders!  Gates was responsible for the ending the military policy of Don't Ask, Don't Tell allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the military!  This guy helped wreck on group of men now he moves on to the younger group of Boy Scouts hoping to corrupt more people!  What a disgrace!

Every wholesome organization in the United States is in the process of being totally corrupted or already has been!  Gates will have this to answer for to God one day.

Hitler Youth circa 1934.

Has the BSA become the new Wandervoegel and Hitler Youth as in Germany prior to WW2?  Apparently so.  As documented in Pink Swastika and other sources, the homosexual movement in Germany developed the NAZI party and was instrumental in Hitler's rise to power!  It was known as the German Vice during that time.