Cannibalism, large scale human sacrifice and slavery are well documented and found to be existing in the New World!

Columbus, Cortez and others found and documented these vices which were flourishing in the Caribbeans Islands, Yucatan, Mexico and South America by all Spanish explorers upon their arrival.  Today's history has rewritten that and expunged just about all references to these original accounts and written historical documents.  If you need proof just read the accounts of Columbus' son The Life of The Admiral Christopher Columbus by His Son Ferdinand and The True History of The Conquest of New Spain by Bernal Diaz del  Castillo, a soldier who accompanied Cortez.    I have read both of these works and found them excitingly interesting and very informative as to the trials and tribulations these men went through during their explorations as well as what they found.

I am not fooled by the lies and disinformation of today's media and governmental or corporate revisionists who have their  own self-serving agenda to profit from their rewritten history.  The true history of those days awaits any who want to discover it in the books referenced above in this brief tribute.  The question is are you ready and willing to avail yourself of it or do you want to take the easy and politically correct path of just believing the liars of today?

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Ms. Rogers' History BGCSE students.

Thank you Columbus!

Oct. 12, 2015

There are many reasons to be thankful that Columbus discovered the New World for Europeans and the people of the New World as well.  Columbus and his fellow explorers found a savage Indian population and introduced Christianity to them.  Columbus and his fellow Spaniards found slavery well entrenched and helped those enslaved Indians to gain their freedom from the oppressive Indian tribes.  The Spaniards also found cannibalism being practiced by the Carib Indians thus the name of the Caribbean Islands!   The warlike and cannibalistic Carib Indians were feasting on the peaceful Arawak Indians and enslaving them when Columbus arrived.  Columbus put a stop to that and freed the Arawaks from their Carib masters and is remembered even today by the remnants of that Indian tribe as a hero for freeing them!  I know this since I was on a tour bus in these islands on vacation and the tour bus driver who was a native of Arawak descent who related that story to the tourists on the bus while pointing out an ancient native burial ground.

Wake Up Elbert!

"These captive women told us that the Carribbee men use them
with such cruelty as would scarcely be believed: and that they eat the children which they bear to them. Only bringing up those which they have by their native wives. Such of their male enemies as they can take away alive, they bring here to their homes to make a feast of them, and those who are killed in battle they eat up after the fighting is over. They claim that the flesh of man is so good to eat that nothing like it can be compared to it in the world: and this is pretty evident, for of the human bones we found in their houses everything that could be gnawed had already been gnawed, so that nothing else remained of them but what was too hard to be eaten.  In one of the houses we found the neck of a man undergoing the process of cooking in a pot. preparatory for eating it.”  "The habits of these Caribbees are beastly.” Ref. Latin American Studies p. 190-191.

“When they take any boys prisoners, they cut off their member and make use of them as servants until they grow up to manhood, and then when they wish to make a feast they kill and eat them: for they say that the flesh of boys and women is not good to eat.  Three of these boys came fleeing to us thus mutilated.”  Ref:  Full text of "The Letter of Dr. Diego Alvarez Chanca, dated 1484.

As can be deduced from the above letter of the good doctor who sailed with Columbus, the Caribs had little use for the captive women except as breeding machines to provide them with boys they could castrate, fatten up and eat once they become old enough to provide a large meal!  Columbus did his best to rid the islands of the despicable Carib Indians.

Indigenous Peoples Day  is an effort to abolish Columbus Day!

In a continuing effort to eradicate and expunge any memory of Spanish explorers founding and civilizing the Americas, socialist revisionists are substituting Indigenous Peoples Day (IPD)for a traditional American holiday.  Ceremonies in several major US cities have substituted the memory of Columbus Day with a bunch of Indians wearing slaughtered eagle feathers standing around beating a tom-tom and chanting to the beat of their drums!   These clowns won't quit trying to cover up the truth with a lie!  I will never celebrate IPD but continue to remember and celebrate Columbus Day instead!  These bird brains are also trying to replace Thanksgiving Day with IPD!  To hell with them I say!  BTW, the UN is at the heart of this movement to replace several traditional American holidays with IPD.  Get US out of the UN!

Denver, CO city council votes to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day!  Goodbye America!

Today's history has been rewritten regarding Columbus and his fellow explorers!

As each year passes the real history of explorers like Columbus and Cortez is eroded and rewritten into today's politically correct lies about history!  If you just do a search on the internet about Columbus you will find only the revisionist lies and disinformation about those explorers.  They are depicted as white imperialist conquerors who raped, murdered and pillaged the pristine Indian lands!  This is nothing but an outright lie and meant to inflict guilt on white people and anger amongst the dark-skinned peoples to divide and conquer the current living peoples of the US and other countries!  Although these explorers were not perfect, they were far from the devils they are depicted to have been by today's propaganda in the news media and Hollywood!

Just about all reference to cannibalism in the New World as well as human sacrifice found by the Spanish explorers has been expunged from the internet search engines like Google!  We know they all censor the popular search engines and Facebook services since Mark Zuckerberg told us that they do so recently.    We know for sure that the Caribs, Aztecs, Incas, Mayans and Anasazi Indians all practiced cannibalism and thus human sacrifice with the Aztecs excelling in large scale human sacrifice and slavery of the weaker Indian tribes of Mexico!  It is fact and only the ignorant brain-washed or apathetic public don't know this.  Wake Up America!