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Are Denver Mayor Hancock & Sheriff Firman Complicit In Murder?

Feb. 23, 2017

A recent murder and hit and run vehicle death bring Denver's Sanctuary City status to the forefront.  The recent murder of  Tim Cruz a Denver man on the light rail train and the hit and run killing of Karina Pulec, a female attorney by illegal immigrants who were released by the Denver Sheriff bring the sanctuary city claims of Denver Mayor Hancock and claims by the Denver Sheriff Firman that he could not hold an illegal migrant into question.

In both of these cases according to a Fox News report herein referenced, the Sheriff was asked by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to hold these illegals for ICE but the sheriff refused saying he could not hold "anyone without a criminal warrant!"  Tell that to the families of the two people who were apparently killed by these illegals Sheriff Firman.  Did you go to their funerals and look them in the face and say you were sorry that your actions probably contributed to their untimely deaths?

The complicitous enablers?

Since the Mayor of Denver, the Sheriff of Denver County and the Governor of Colorado have all supported sanctuary status for the city of Denver and the State of Colorado in their  public statements, do they need to share the blame and take responsibility for the deaths of these two innocent people along with the criminals who apparently committed them?  I think that they should.  They should publicly apologize to the families of the victims and take responsibility for the actions of the criminals since their public statements and stated positions encouraged these illegal alien criminals to disregard the laws of our state and commit these heinous crimes cutting short the lives of two innocent young people!  Hancock, Firman and Hickenlooper have blood on their hands in my opinion!

Fox News O'Reilly Factor segment Feb 22, 2017

Note:  original link broken on most internet search site links including Fox News original link  by 3 PM MST the following day!

Follow-up Fox News link & transcript: https://www.billoreilly.com/show?action=latestTVShow

Talking Points Memo & Top Story 
The Intense Debate Over Illegal Immigration Continues
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"In a new on line survey, Americans were asked, 'Do you believe cities that arrest illegal immigrants for crimes should be required to turn them over to immigration authorities?' An astounding 80% say yes. If the polling is accurate, it is a stunning rebuke to the liberal sanctuary city movement. The reason most Americans do not want local jurisdictions creating federal anarchy can be spotlighted in Denver County, Colorado. Federal authorities say that 27-year-old Norlan Estrada-Reyes, who had a number of run-ins with the law, was released by the Denver County Sheriff's Office despite ICE asking that he be held. He is a Honduran citizen in this country illegally. So what happened after his release? Reyes allegedly struck 28-year-old Karina Pulec with his car, dragging her 50 feet and killing her. Then he fled. He is now charged with multiple felonies. Also in Denver County, another horror. 19-year-old Ever Valles, an illegal alien from Mexico and a known gang member, was also released by the Denver County Sheriff's Office despite ICE asking that he be held. So what happened? On February 7th, Valles and another man shot 32-year-old Tim Cruz to death at a light rail station. Both men have been charged with murder. The sheriff issued a statement, saying 'Detaining anyone without a criminal warrant is a violation of the Fourth Amendment.' The sheriff, Patrick Firman, is full of it. There is no violation of law holding someone for the federal government, it's done all the time. The sheriff upholds the sanctuary city mantra, as does the mayor Denver, Michael Hancock. In my opinion, both men have blood on their hands."

The Innocent Victims

The Illegal Alien Criminals