Poster in Elbert County Courthouse that has infuriated atheists!

Elbert County Colorado Sheriff Shayne Heap

Elbert County Colorado Clerk takes on atheist foundation bullies!

Dec. 1, 2015

Elbert County Colorado  Clerk Dallas Schroeder is at the center of complaint by the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF)  because of a poster he placed in the Elbert County Courthouse for all to see.  The poster (shown on this page) quotes a Bible verse from ICor7.2 and depicts a woman walking toward her male groom.  The FFRF is a tax free foundation based in Madison, WI is also a member of the Atheist  Alliance International (AAI)organization.

The FFRF has filed a 'letter of complaint' with the Elbert County Clerk and apparently the Sheriff as well on Nov. 25, 2015.      
"Freedom From Religion Foundation Staff Attorney Andrew Seidel called out Schroeder on the constitutional violation in a letter of complaint to the members of email group, which consisted of several county clerks, a state senator and state representative."

The FFRF and their fellow atheists at AAI have a stated goal of expunging all Christian vestiges from government at all levels in this country.  The FFRF claims that Bible verses displayed in government offices, buildings, communications and all activities are unconstitutional!  They want to expunge Christianity from the national consciousness and impose their on form of religion, atheism on the rest of us!  The FFRF are hypocrites at the very least.

FFRF claims that Schroeder is abusing his office and that his poster is unlawful!  Schroeder says: 
"I am not denying anyone service," he said. "My thought process is that they have to see the poster and if they choose to violate God's written word, then that is on their head. I have warned them." 

I support Schroeder's stand against the atheist attack.  I hope that he is able to keep his poster in the courthouse!

So far the FFRF has not responded to my inquiry as to the status of their 'letter of complaint' against Clerk Schroeder.

According to a reliable source, a local attorney is filing suit against the County Clerk as of this writing regarding the subject herein.

Elbert County Colorado Clerk Dallas Schroeder

Wake Up Elbert!

Sheriff Heap Responds to FFRF

“These conversations are initiated to pervert the truth and do whatever is necessary to get the results you want,” Heap replied.

“I’m going to get back to work and I’m going leave the cross in my office, the Bible on my desk and I support the clerk’s constitutional rights,” he proclaimed. 

Well said Sheriff Heap!  The sheriff is apparently not going to be bullied by the atheists at FFRF either!  Keep the faith brother!

I applaud both Schroeder and Heap for taking a stand against the bullies at FFRF who seek to impose their atheism upon our government and people.  We need more officials to stand up against this attack.  Where are the Elbert County Commissioners regarding this controversy?  Have they no guts?

Numerous government inscriptions give testimony to the ingrained Christian heritage in our nation's laws and founding.  The Liberty Bell has a Bible inscription on it, our currency has In God We Trust on it, the 10 Commandments were displayed prominently on many government buildings and our triune system of government is based upon Biblical foundations!  There are many more evidences of our Christian national heritage too numerous to mention.

Our country is being destroyed by atheists such as the FFRF and we need more men of strong religious convictions like Schroeder and Heap!