Wake Up Elbert!

On Wednesday August 5, 2015 EPA workers using heavy equipment caused a major release of toxic heavy metals into a river in Colorado and try to blame it on poor retainment!  EPA officials obviously delayed the release of this story to the major news outlets and the major media complied with that to suppress the story as much as possible.  Once again the government causes more problems than it solves!

Usually the Aspen trees turn a bright orange and yellow in the fall in the mountains of Colorado but this year the EPA decided to one-up nature by changing the Animas River to a bright yellow-orange by releasing toxic heavy metals from the Gold King Mine near Silverton, Colorado!  Way to go EPA!

EPA causes massive toxic waste spill at Colorado mine and mainstream media does it's best to cover it up! 

I didn't see this story on the local Denver area nightly TV news until Sunday night almost 5 days after the accident occurred!  The local 'news' channel I was watching on FOX News 31 of Denver sugar-coated the incident and as far as I could tell, didn't mention the EPA causing the spill or at the very least they down-played the cause of the spill being the EPA workers using heavy equipment and breaching the retainment causing the release of chemical into the Animas River near the old Gold King Mine at Silverton, Colorado.   This is typical media spin and governmental damage control of problems caused by the government!

The main stream media almost always 'spins' the story to alter perceptions of people who are either too busy to investigate the accuracy of stories or too lazy to dig deeper into the stories presented by the main stream media propagandists.  This incident is a perfect example of that type of 'spin' cycle the media puts on stories that don't fit their pre-determined propaganda line they like to deliver.  In this case the media preferred spin is that the government-run EPA is protecting the environment but in this case the EPA actually caused the polluting of a pristine river which feeds numerous other states and will probably kill lots of fish, birds, wild animals and contaminate food supplies! 

This story was delayed for five days in the Denver, Colorado area on TV stations and the story was not really presented as an EPA screw-up which it clearly was.

EPA monitoring their own toxic waste spill while kayaking the Animas River in Colorado enjoying the wonderful color their employees changed it into!