Even radically left politician Senator Bennett of Colorado managed a 12% rating, only slightly worse than Gardner!  Gardner is only slightly better than radical socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont!  Gardner is no defender of the Constitution!

Gardner is another politician that talks the walk but doesn't walk the talk of his supposedly conservative rhetoric!  He like so many other career politicians has managed to fool enough people to get elected as a 'conservative' while failing to defend and uphold the US Constitution.  I accuse Gardner of violating his oath to vote constitutionally based on his voting record.

Colorado Sen. Gardner garners an F rating from Conservative Review!  After 4 years in Washington, Cory Gardner has accumulated an astonishingly low conservative liberty score rating of only 20%!  Gardner scores only slightly higher than radical leftist Democratic Senator Bennett from Colorado!  Why does Gardner even try to brand himself as a conservative?  It boggles the mind that anyone could fall for Gardner's supposed conservative branding.  Conservative Review is a well respected watchdog of congress and has done a good job of documenting the voting records of hundreds of congressmen both current and past.  For instance, Sen. Mike Lee is a well known conservative from Utah who staunchly defends the US constitution and has a rating of A at 100%!  Former Rep. Ron Paul also a known defender of the constitution had a rating of A at 100% over his lifetime in congress.  It is congressmen like these that validate the Conservative Review .  Only Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul joined Lee with A ratings!  An astounding 75% of all senators received an F rating!  Only 13 senators received a rating of C or better!  No wonder we are in such deep trouble politically!  Americans have elected a bunch of losers to represent them!

Wake Up Elbert!