Wake Up Elbert!

Global Temperature Data Accuracy

For most of recorded history of 200 years or less up to the last 20 years or so, global temperature data have been observed using the old standard liquid in glass (LIG) mercury thermometers.  These thermometers can easily be incorrect by over 1F or more and have an observation accuracy of 0.75C (1.35F)!  That means that much of the global ‘warming data’ can be incorrect by more than the stated temperature change that climatology fear mongers are claiming from so-called ‘global warming’.  These thermometers have mechanical errors, calibration errors, hysteresis errors, observation errors and more!  Observational errors (not keeping eye level with thermometer, meniscus, etc.) can easily be 1F or more!
Over time, these (LIG) thermometers can have false high readings caused by hardening of the glass and tube shrinkage causing temperature readings to be 0.7C (1.26F) higher than actual temperatures!  So LIG thermometers naturally report higher readings over time due to aging of the glass tubes!  How many of these false high readings have been made over the last 30 years?  There have probably been a lot from many remote locations around the world in undeveloped countries even without considering that we now know that many of these readings were purposefully ‘fudged’ higher than observed.  Even more modern digital thermometers have similar and different inaccuracies.  Temperature drift in these newer thermometers can be 1C per year!  “Yet most weather station temp sensors are NEVER calibrated after they have been installed.”
So why should we be concerned about the recent claimed increase of global temperatures in the last 5-10 years of 0.02C (0.036F)?  The claim that the world is 1.8F hotter than it was in 1880 is ludicrous.  Was there a worldwide network of trained temperature observers back then like there is today?  Were all the liquid in glass thermometers calibrated annually over the past century or more?  Were those reporting all those temperatures for posterity aware of the many observational and mechanical errors that were being introduced in their readings?  The intelligent answer is that we shouldn’t be worried and we shouldn’t be shutting down power plants and enacting carbon taxes.  NASA scientists admitted they are only 38% sure of their findings and that the claimed recent temperature increase was far less than their observational accuracy!  Arctic sea ice melt has been shown to be the result of periodic shifts in sea currents causing ice to melt in specific areas of the arctic!
Instead of Global Warming we have Global Fear & Ignorance and one giant propaganda effort to convince us that we need to shut down power plants, consume less energy, be more uncomfortable and go green while the global elite climate extremists fly around in their jets , own numerous luxury homes maintaining a large carbon footprint and have investment schemes to profit from carbon taxes they advocate.  They are hypocrites!  Wake up America!  Global warming is a lie!