Wake Up Elbert!

Gov. John Hickenlooper Says He Supports The Constitution!

March 2, 2017

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper appeared on Fox News last night (3-1-2017) with Bill O'Reilly on The Factor.  He talked about President Trump's appearance before a joint session of congress the previous evening, sanctuary city status and statements by US Attorney General Jeff Session's statements about not being supportive of marijuana laws in certain states.

Gov. Hickenlooper seemed somewhat supportive of certain parts of Trump's address even the intent of the President to secure our nation's southern border with Mexico.  This is surprising as Hickenlooper has stated that Colorado is a 'sanctuary state'!  Hickenlopper signed legislation allowing illegal migrants to get driver's licenses in Colorado and in-state tuition!  The Hick has supported sanctuary city status for Denver and other Colorado cities as well in his public statements over the last several years since at least 2013!

During the appearance of Gov. Hickenlooper on the O'Reilly Factor, he said "I took a solemn oath to support our constitution" (at 3:30 into the segment) referring to the Colorado State Constitution.  This is a very interesting statement by our radical left-leaning governor.  Hickenlooper also took an oath to support the Constitution of the United States as well as the Colorado State Constitution!  So when Hickenlooper doesn't want to inform ICE of the whereabouts of illegal migrants within the state unless they have committed a crime (felony only?), encourages illegals to get driver's licenses, get jobs, go to our public schools, get various forms of federal and state welfare and get in-state tuition for college in spite of them not being citizens of our country, isn't he being hypocritical and lying about supporting the state and US constitutions?  I think so!  Does he think that encouraging illegal migration to our state and signing legislation to integrate illegal migrants into our state is obeying the constitution?  Does he really think that people as so stupid not to see his glaring hypocrisy and outright lying to the public?  I think Hickenlooper should be impeached.

During the O'Reilly appearance Hickenlooper purposely avoided addressing O'Reilly's assertion that Vice President Pence said that "He was adamant there would not be any pathway for illegals here and not causing any trouble while they were(notice past tense) here' at 1:33 point of the interview.  Hickenlooper responded to O'Reilly's question about cooperating with ICE like other governors like the one in Washington state he responded "Well if you're talking about violent criminals we of course report them to ICE immediately."  This is the response of a deceptive politician who wants to support his voting base for election of another democrat to replace him due to term limits while lying in my opinion about wanting to support the US Constitution, integrity and sovereignty.

I also think that Hickenlooper's statements on the O'Reilly Factor show last night indicate he is concerned about getting another democrat politician elected in next year's governor's race in Colorado.  The Hick is a politician first and foremost who wants to continue his paid government job in any fashion necessary to further his own political career and those of his own party.  He will do and say whatever it takes to do this.  I have no respect for this guy whatsoever and I believe he speaks out of both sides of his mouth.  In Indian parlance, he speaks with forked tongue.

 "In 1996, the 104th U.S. Congress passed Pub. L. 104-208, also known as the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA ). The IIRIRA requires local governments to cooperate with Department of Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agency.  Despite the IIRIRA, hundreds of urban, suburban, and rural communities have ignored the law and adopted so-called "sanctuary policies.""

Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform says "However, many cities have implemented sanctuary policies which call for city employees - including police officers - not to report illegal aliens to the federal authorities. Many sanctuary cities, in contrast to the wishes of most Americans, also offer public services and benefits to illegal aliens that impose great fiscal and social costs on the taxpayers. Sanctuary cities are illegal, made so by federal legislation enacted in 1996.* While the federal government has abdicated its responsibility to enforce that law, legal action is now being pursued against some sanctuary cities."