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Is an illegal alien gang operating near Colorado Springs?

March 30, 2017

The arrest of yet another person in the double homicide case of two Colorado Springs, CO teens raises questions about whether a gang of illegal immigrants and Hispainic persons are part of a gang operation in that area.  The arrest of Angelita Prado on suspicion of kidnapping and the search for two more male suspects in the case is reason to watch this case closely as it develops.  The fact that ICE has expressed interests in at least two of the already arrested suspects is troubling.  Are these people being drawn to our state by the sanctuary program supported by liberal, left-wing, radical Democrat politicians?  This most likely has been influential in encouraging these possible gang members to have been accused in this case.

The Sheriff of El Paso County is also searching for two others in connection with this homicide case, Carlos Daniel 'Tink' Meza and Endo 'Sleepy' Velarde.  Could all of these suspects be involved in a human trafficking plot?  Maybe a drug ring or other gang related activity as well?  Time will tell.  At the very least, this seems to be a Hispainic gang operating near Colorado Springs, CO since one of the suspects, Gustavo Marquez was previously arrested on kidnapping and assault even though he claims to have been born in Mexico on his Facebook page with some of it's members possibly illegal aliens!

Even though at least one of the suspects is on an ICE detainer hold, the PIO for El PASO County says they won't hold unless there is a warrant issued by a judge!

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Two more suspects sought in case.

Seventh arrest made in case.

Suspect MARCO ANTONIO GARCIA-BRAVO booking link held on ICE detainer.

Suspect Angelita Prado booking link.


Carlos Daniel Meza aka Tink arrested in case! 3-31-2017

Carlos Daniel Meza sheriff booking link.

Gustavo Antonio Marquez, suspect in double murder case with gang type tattoos on his face.  First placed on 'administrative' hold due to ICE interest in his possible illegal alien status, later removed.