Is Senator John McCain Insane?

Feb. 23, 2017

US Senator John McCain has been a frequent critic of President Donald Trump going so far as to recently travel to foreign countries and criticize our own President while visiting one of those countries.  Sen. McCain even visited with ISIS rebels in Syria known as the Free Syrian Army thus condoning terrorism!

McCain also blocked legislation to return remains of US soldiers from Viet Nam for unexplained reasons.

John McCain went to Germany and made comments undermining the Presidency of Donald Trump and the government of the United States.

McCain contacted the government of Australia following the leaking of Trump's supposedly secret phone conversation with the Australian President thus attempting to undermine the Presidency of Trump and inflict damage upon Trump's administration while promoting himself as a 'savior' of the US.

McCain received a Presidential pardon from President Richard Nixon.

Is John McCain a Manchurian Candidate?

Due to John McCain's questionable position on various subjects over the many years including McCain's repeated attacks on President Trump, one must ask the important question of whether McCain was turned by the Vietnamese while in captivity during the Viet Nam War?  If not, you must wonder if he is just a willing traitor to our country or just another neocon New World Order lackey?  Why else does he do so many things to undermine President Trump and the current administration and done so many seemingly obstructive actions to stop good legislation in the past?

McCain gave real information to his Vietnamese captors without being tortured while others like him gave false information to the enemy under the same circumstances during captivity.

There is ample information to question Senator John McCain's loyalty to the people and Constitution of the United States and whether he is just a sellout to our enemies.

Wake Up Elbert!