Wake Up Elbert!

More Obama lies and deception!

Clark explains how the US planned to destabilize the Middle East!

Je suis Charlie! (Jan, 7, 2015)

Je suis Paris! (Nov. 13, 2015)

Je suis mort?  (Future?)

The recent Muslim terrorist attacks have proven yet again that flooding a country with Muslim refugees from Syria is a really bad idea!  Following United Nations and European Union directives for all Western nations to allow Syrian refugees to freely migrate into France and other countries like Germany, the French now have more than ample proof that some of these Muslims will unleash death and destruction upon the hapless citizens of France!  Parisians have been dying this year due to extremist Muslim attacks on their city.  Meanwhile, French President Hollande wants more of these refugees to immigrate!  Hollande is helping undermine French sovereignty and is at least partially to blame for the recent Muslim terrorist massacre in Paris!   Germany’s Merkel wants more Syrian refugeesObama wants more Syrian refugeesOther nations also join the so-called humanitarian effort to accept displaced Muslims into their countries!  But, Muslim countries refuse to accept any Syrian refugeesMost refugees come from Turkey and Libya into Europe with Turkey being the primary launching pad for Syrian Muslim refugees!  Both Turkey and Libya are basically vassal states of the USA and NATO with Turkey being a NATO ally and Libya being recently overthrown by the US and Qadafi being killed due to US efforts to destabilize the Middle East with t decades old plan to conquer the Middle East for US and NATO programs for destabilize several Middle East countries for world dominance schemes!  Former Gen. Wesley Clark tells us all how the US and NATO planned to attack seven Middle East countries saying “with the destruction of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, and Iran on the drawing board following the invasion of Afghanistan.”    See video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TY2DKzastu8

 The US and NATO created these refugees with their war against Syrian President Assad while supposedly fighting ISIS/ISIL which by the way were created (along with Al Qaeda), trained and equipped by the US government!  Unbelievable!   Not really if you have had your eyes open and paying attention to what is going on especially in the good ole USA where illegal immigration is encouraged by the US government and aided and abetted by the Mexican government for decades now!  If you don’t understand this you are either stupid, ignorant or you agree with this large influx of illegal immigration!

Why aren’t the French chanting  Je suis Charlie, Je suis Paris, Je suis Mort?  Unless they stop the New World Order plan of destroying sovereign borders and the cultures of their own countries, they will continue dying in future predictable terrorist attacks!  Wake up fools!

Paris is a gun free zone unless you work for the government or are a terrorist!  So get your guns Parisians and don’t let the government take away your right of self defense!

French President Hollande has asked for constitutional changes to give increased police-state powers to his government in response to the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and has already implemented martial law for 3 months!  This is how the government usurps liberty and freedom by taking it from the people after some horrific event such as this and 911 for example.  The same model is used by all western governments to gradually enslave the people.  The US did the same thing after 911, the French are doing it now just as Hitler did it after burning the Reichstag prior to WW2!  The methodology is called the Hegelian Dialectic and has been used by socialists worldwide for over 100 years!  It seems obvious that if European leaders like Hollande and Merkel have encouraged Muslims to enter their respective countries without going through thorough background checking that they would know that problems would arise such as the Paris attacks due to a clash in cultures.  It is also obvious that radicalized Muslims intend to dominate Europe and displace the Christian culture.  One can only deduce that if leaders like Hollande, Merkel and Obama know this as I am sure that they do, that they are complicit in the carnage and destruction taking place within their own countries!