Wake Up Elbert!

Kiowa police chief Sam Swofford oversees traffic and removal of tree by CDOT after strong storm!

Kiowa police secure the downed tree on mainstreet.

August 17, 2015 5PM

A powerful late summer storm roared through Elizabeth and Kiowa Monday afternoon at about 4PM!  In Kiowa, the strong winds estimated to be at least 50 mph from the summer storm left a portion of a large pine tree on Hwy 86 in downtown Kiowa partially blocking the south side of one lane for westbound traffic.  The storm produced heavy but brief rain, strong winds, small hail up to 1/2 inch diameter and some damage.  Fortunately, no one was injured and no other property damage occurred other than to the tree!

The same storm had previously visited Elizabeth producing the same heavy rains, 1/2 inch sized hail and strong winds at about 3:30 PM the same day.

The storm was last seen headed East toward Limon, CO.  Beware Limonians!