They have blood on their hands!

Wake Up Elbert!

The Democrats have embraced the destructive and un-American policy of ‘sanctuary cities’.  The result is they have encouraged illegal migration and criminal actions on the part of those who illegally migrate to the United States.  This is especially true when it comes to repeat offenders of illegal migrant crimes.  Statistics correlate “state per capita illegal migration rates and car thefts.”  “Congressman Steve King (R-IA) estimates that illegal alien drunk drivers kill 13 Americans every day — that’s a death toll of 4,745 per year.”   A Breitbart News article shows that 30% murders in five states were committed by illegal aliens!

In my opinion, all elected officials who promote sanctuary cities have blood on their hands for crimes illegal migrants commit.  They are complicit in those crimes because they have encouraged illegal migrants to come into the country illegally and thus disregard and disobey our laws and disrespect our citizens.  They can and do illegally cross our borders even though deported numerous times.  They are thus taught that our laws and country are not to be respected.  Many elected officials who are mostly if not all democrats have encouraged this behavior by making their cities a ‘sanctuary city’.

Democrats have developed the sanctuary city concept to expand their voting base to elect their own candidates.  It is part of their overall strategy to control the government.

Sanctuary city is a perversion of a biblical concept of a ‘city of refuge’ found in Num 35 of the Bible.  The intent of the ‘city of refuge’ in the Bible was that Jews as well as foreigners could go to these cities of refuge until such time as they could be given a fair trial under Jewish law.  The intent was not to escape persecution for crimes committed by anyone but to allow for a fair trial.  The current use of a ‘sanctuary city’ in the US by liberal jurisdictions controlled primarily by democrats is for the protection of illegal migrants from deportation.

Most migrants vote for democrats and most democrats think that illegal aliens should be able to vote including former President ObamaIllegals vote in Colorado!

Many illegal migrants get tax refunds which exceed their paid federal taxes.  This is the essence of socialistic/communistic wealth redistribution under the guise of helping the poor.  It only penalizes US citizens.

The average illegal migrant household costs legal US taxpayers “$14,387 per household” in 2010.  It is safe to assume that they probably cost more now.  There are many more government programs that give financial assistance to illegal migrants at the expense of US citizens such as 'In state college tuition for illegals', 'federal grants to illegal migrants for college education', etc.

Illegal migrants get $1,261 more welfare than American families.”  This is totally unacceptable and clearly designed to be a confiscatory slap in the face to US citizens.

US citizens can “Collect More Than $7,000 Per Month for 'Fostering' Adult Illegal Aliens”.  This was obviously designed to further entrench illegals into the system and encourage illegal migration.

DHS Issues Sweeping New Rules On Deportation Of Illegal Immigrants.  Thank God!

Illegals can get a driver's license and ID card in Colorado!  This clearly is intended to expand the voter base for Democrats and encourage illegal migrants to flock to Colorado.  This enables illegals to work jobs and do all the things that legal citizens can do!

Illegal migrants can vote thanks to Colorado & California laws like this and this!  What a travesty!

The US has been invaded by an army of illegal migrants!  “…it is likely that in mid-2005 more than 20 million illegal aliens presently resided in the United States, with roughly 12,000 additional illegal aliens entering every day.”

Elbert County Colorado Sheriff Shayne Heap says  “Even in a case where an immigration detainer is actually based on probable cause to believe the subject is present in violation of the federal immigration laws, that status is not a crime under federal law.  Nor is it a crime under Colorado law. Colorado peace officers do not have authority to carry out warrantless arrests of persons suspected of noncriminal violations of the federal immigration laws.”  “An immigration detainer is not a warrant. There have been claims that ICE administrative warrants accompanying an immigration detainer provide authority for Colorado sheriffs to hold prisoners at the request of ICE. However legal counsel has said that Colorado sheriffs have no authority to deprive persons of liberty on the basis of an ICE administrative warrant.”  "All this to say, Trump issued his order which changes things, however the Department of Justice, DHS, ICE and the Courts need to catch up before it actually starts working. AND……with all the protesting and liberal judges getting in the way, its going to take some time. This puts us in a very bad position because while we want to hold these individuals we don’t want to put our counties in harm’s way by incurring liability."

So it is really difficult for a Sheriff or Police Chief to detain a known illegal migrant for anything other than a felony in the State of Colorado and probably most other states.  Elected officials in Colorado, especially current Governor Hickenlooper and Denver Mayor Hancock know this and yet they encourage illegal migrants to live in Colorado!


It is clear that the 'sanctuary city' concept is a construct of the Democratic Party leadership to expand their voting base to elect and keep Democrats in positions of power, expand federal funds to continue and enhance socialist Democrat programs, erode and destroy US sovereignty by weakening US borders, penalize legal hard-working US citizens, integrate the US into the New World Order government under the UN by violating US sovereignty, provide various US corporations with a low cost unskilled labor force thus increasing their profitability.  Many US citizens have been victims of various crimes including felonies as bad as murder at the hands of illegal migrants and those crimes implicate all elected officials who promote and support 'sanctuary' status to illegal migrants!  They all have blood on their hands!

Colorado House Bill HB17-1134 was an attempt to hold Colorado government accountable for creating sanctuary jurisdiction policies.  Recent Colorado House of Representatives bill on Sanctuary City Policies was defeated along party lines.  Democrats all six voted against all three Republicans even though they condone sanctuary city/county and state status in Colorado!  They are hypocrits and they also have blood on their hands in my opinion!