Wake Up Elbert!

"He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions."  The Declaration of Independence.

Monument to settlers massacred by Indians in front of Elbert County Colorado Courthouse in the town of Kiowa, CO.

Proposed Sand Creek Memorial from One Earth Future.

Proposed Sand Creek Memorial Purpose Is To Inflict Guilt! 

Nov. 29, 2015

The proposed memorial to Indians killed at Sand Creek, Colorado Nov. 29, 1864 has a nefarious purpose.  The purpose of the proposed memorial in Denver, Colorado is to inflict guilt and cause modern day man to forget about the massacre of innocent settlers of all ages and races by the Indians of that time. Governor Hickenlooper of Colorado and the Indian leadership prefer to forget that many innocent settlers were massacred by the Indians.  The proposed memorial is a politically correct memorial to revisionist history and an attempt to inflict eternal guilt on those of European descent in order to extract special ‘rights’ and privileges for those of the supposedly wronged race.  I feel no guilt whatsoever for any killing of Indians at Sand Creek and neither should anyone else living today!  The Indians are playing the race card of guilt as it is the only card they have left to play in a very weak hand. 

Why do Hickenlooper and the Indians choose to forget about all the settlers massacred by the Indians?  Why do they only focus upon Sand Creek and not upon numerous settlers who were viciously attacked and murdered by the Indians like the Hungate and Dietemann families?  Why do they choose to remember only one side of the story while forgetting the other?  Hundreds of settlers were killed by the Indians in Colorado during the 1860’s and they are never mentioned by the Governor and his Indian cohorts!  Don’t the Indians know that Hickenlooper speaks with a forked tongue?  Why do the Indians and Gov. Hickenlooper feel that another memorial is needed for Sand Creek when one already exists?

The proposed memorial which is slated to be placed at the Colorado State Capitol if sufficient funding is received purposefully ignores the atrocities committed by the ruthless plains Indians during the Cheyenne Indian Wars of the 1860’s! If this memorial is placed at the Colorado State capitol as proposed, then an equivalent memorial to the innocent white settlers who were brutally and viciously murdered, raped, scalped, tortured, burned alive, kidnapped and enslaved should be placed right along side of it in my opinion.  Those atrocities far exceeded that of Sand Creek.  Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper favors the proposed Indian memorial and has so far forgotten the innocent settlers who were massacred by Indians even though he once stated that we should not forget our history no matter how painful it might be.  Hickenlooper is a hypocrite if you ask me since he conveniently forgets the wrongs done by the Indians!  So are the Indians proposing this misguided memorial!

According to a noted Colorado historian Jeff Broome the Indians slaughtered and massacred at least as many or more white settlers than the settlers and military killed of the Indians.  If that is so and history supports it, then why shouldn’t the settlers and military that were wrongfully killed by the Indians also deserve equal remembrance?  It is because the Governor and Indians prefer to focus on their one-sided and politically correct version of history while ignoring the truth.

The Sand Creek Massacre is one event that has been used to fan the flames of eternal guilt by the one-sided revisionist historians and politically correct propagandists in order to rewrite history in favor of a modern day attempt to destroy the true history of the United States of America and expunge the Christian heritage of this nation.  The Indians of today and the political leadership of Gov. John Hickenlooper prefer to forget history by focusing on one event while forgetting hundreds of others in order to promote their racist and revisionist historical views.  It is time for both the Governor and the Indians to stop dredging up their slanted views that conveniently forget so much to advance an agenda that promotes hateful and harmful politically correct historical revisionism!  Get over it folks and move on or remember the other side of the story as Paul Harvey would say!

Sand Creek Memorial near Eads, CO in Kiowa County Colorado.

It is okay for Indians to kill eagles, chop their heads off and put them on a stick, run around dancing with eagle feathers on their bodies but not for anyone else in the US!  If anyone else did likewise with another type of animal, you would think they were a nutcase!