Arnold Schwarzenegger Attacks Trump Again!

March 21, 2017

Actor, former governor of California and body builder Arnold Schwarzenegger takes to twitter to again attack President Trump!  The fading star is attempting to bolster his sagging fame any way he can apparently.

After President Trump blamed the actor's dismissal from The Apprentice TV show on poor performance,

Schwarzenegger attacks President Trump again this time on twitter video. The Schwartz is your typical Hollywood socialist democrat who hates America and can't do enough to support the liberal Chinese owned Hollywood establishment that can't attack Trump too often or too negatively.  During Schwartz's tirade, he supports welfare entitlement programs playing on viewer's sympathy for the poor children, a favorite tactic of socialist democrats to sway those with weakened critical thinking skills.  Schwarzenegger's past statements about admiration for Hitler and his father's Nazi affiliations make these tactics nothing more than transparent lies.  Arnold, stop it already with the phony Colonel Klink accent using the letter 'd' for the letter 't'!  Also, using bogus polls that show unrealistically low results instead of much more believable 50% approval on Rasmussen daily polls is also a typical tactic of the radical left wing social democratic extremists like the Schwartz.  Remember Anold also wanted us to change the US Constitution so that he could run for President.  Maybe a little envy there Anold?

Arnold on Time magazine cover wearing Nazi belt buckle.

Arnold the body builder in Nazi salute pose.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Nazi father.

Wake Up Elbert!

Arnold on Twitter tirade.