Wake Up Elbert!

Sheriff Knezovich of Spokane Washington epitomizes the extreme police state mentality of the Warrior Cop in too many of the police organizations of the United States.  Knezovich vilifies anyone who is part of the pro-Second Amendment, militia, Tea Party, constitutionalist groups in the US as not only dangerous but also links those groups to ISIS!  Can you believe the gall of this storm trooper?

As reported by Info Wars news, Sheriff Knezovich is on the warpath against constitutional extremists, gun owners, Tea-Partyers and those who love freedom and the American way!

In my opinion, guys like this sheriff and his deputies have watched too many episodes of The Following TV discontinued TV series and too many other similar brain washing TV programs and US government propaganda!

This is one example of the threat against freedom and liberty that face Americans today.  Too many sheriff's and other police organizations in America have a similar mind set that the Founding Fathers, Tea Partyers, gun owners, constitutionalists, home schoolers, individualists and bible thumpers are as big a threat to this country as the US-created terror group ISIS!

What's really scary about this video is that this deputy is riding around in an MRAP with a badge and a gun suspecting anyone who is a fan of the US constitution or a gun owner with weapons is the enemy equivalent to ISIS or Al Qaeda!  If I lived next door to this Nazi I would move!

Government propaganda is relentlessly brain washing Americans through the TV medium!  If you watch just about any TV program like PBS, HGTV, nightly news, sporting events or anything else on TV you are being brain washed!  It is that simple.  The government which is under the control of the powerful corporations can legally brain wash Americans!