Just days after a radical racist black group went on a Texas radio program and called for blacks to kill police, a Texas sheriff's deputy was executed at a gas station in Houston, Texas after fueling his vehicle by a black man who walked up and shot the deputy in the back of the head execution style and fired more shots into the back of his lifeless body!  If this is not a clear cut case of racist hate crime I don't know what is?

This is another case of useful idiots being used to foment a race war which is apparently in progress across the United States.  The black man who apparently murdered the sheriff deputy was probably listening to communist agitators such as those leading the Black Lives Matter (hands up, don't shoot bull-crap group), became incensed over his perception that all whites are evil and need to be shot. 

As black Milwaukee Sheriff Clark notes, President Obama started this war on police and Obama has fomented blacks to hate and attack white people to start a race war!

Wake Up Elbert!

The video above keeps resurfacing on the nightly propaganda TV media press to inflict white guilt and instigate black on white crime!  I know because I keep seeing it again and again as I watch the 'news' for the latest propaganda line out of the establishment military industrial complex.  You have to honestly ask yourself, why does this video and similar ones keep being re-aired while other similar videos of black on white atrocities get swept under the carpet?  I am appalled by this video and am repulsed at the apparent lack of restraint by the South Carolina policeman and totally inappropriate use of deadly force as it appears to be in this video.  Is the shooting by the black man of the Texas Sheriff Deputy any less appalling and tragic?  Doesn't it also deserve the same air time and graphic video of the murder by the mainstream propaganda press?  The lack of it being treated the same by the media proves their motive of fomenting a race war in the United States in my opinion!

Where is the outrage over this disgusting and uncivilized attack?  If this were an angry white man executing a black sheriff deputy the news would immediately brand it a hate crime and expose every detail of the perpetrator to connect them to some white racist extremist group or religious belief!  The full video of the execution would have been aired on TV over and over again to agitate black on white crime as the power structure of this country desires!  Instead, all we get is a freeze frame of the gas station surveillance video showing the shooting in all its disgusting detail.  The mainstream propaganda media also only refers to the black shooting suspect as dark-skinned and not black!  In this country according to the mainstream media only whites can be racist while blacks cannot!  What a bunch of crap!

The mainstream media, the Obama administration, government policies and numerous corporations bear responsibility for crimes like this because they foster and promote the concept that whites are inherently racist while blacks are victims of racism at the hands of whites exclusively thus agitating angry, bitter nut cases like this black man who murdered a sheriff deputy!

Dark-skinned suspect.