The Russians did it, no wait, the CIA did it?

March 7, 2017

The release today by WikiLeaks of what they call Vault 7 documents from the CIA, have raised the serious possibility that the hacks of the Democrat Party and the 2016 Presidential election which the Democrats have been so insistent were a collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians were quite possibly done by our own CIA!  This is an explosive development to say the least.

The CIA in cooperation with Israel developed and injected the infamous Stuxnet computer virus into the global network in 2009 in order to derail Iran's nuclear development program.  The virus also infected millions of computers worldwide!

This could potentially mean that rogue elements (those partisan to Democrats and hostile to Republicans especially President Trump and his administration) within the CIA copied Russian malware computer software code and used it to deceive the US press and Democrat Party that the Russians had hacked the DNC when in fact, our own CIA may have been responsible.  The CIA certainly has a large and very sophisticated computer hacking operation that has been used to infect computers worldwide such as the Stuxnet virus operation did in 2009.  It is clear this is a possibility as we are all painfully aware of the leaks which have been released to the US press which have underscored attempts to delegitimize the Trump administration and orchestrated calls for Trump's impeachment. 

We now have to consider in light of this development whether the Democrat Party was in cahoots with the rogue faction of the CIA to leak information in order to bring down the duly elected President of the US with his cabinet and blame it on the Russians!  The narrative of the major media so far has been that the Russians were helping Trump during the Presidential campaign to defeat Hillary Clinton.  This I believe false narrative has been non-stop for months now.  This could have very serious consequences to say the least.

This could uncover a false flag operation on the part of the rogue CIA elements to blame the Russians for their own deceitful actions on behalf of the Clintons and the Democratic Party.

I believe this is quite possibly what has happened and am persuaded by the incessant efforts of the left-wing main stream US media and sore loser Democrat Party!  After all, the vast majority of the mainstream media members are democrats.   Do you really believe they are unbiased?  All government agencies are overwhelmingly populated by democrats so it is not hard to envision partisans within the CIA of resorting to such an illegal and lowly conspiracy.

Anyone still use the Russian software engineer-designed anti virus program by Kaspersky?  Hmmm.

Wake Up Elbert!