Wake Up Elbert!

Has the sun set on the traditional American dream of home ownership?

Are we being prepared for  a drastic reduction in housing affordability?  Why are we being conditioned to prepare to live in tiny egg-shaped, shoe box size mobile homes?  Is the future that bleak?  Why would anyone want a 'home' like this to live in if the economy is so good?  Is this the solution for a mobile work force that must take their home to their latest temporary job?  These tiny homes would make me claustrophobic and I would go stir crazy trying to live inside one of these shoe boxes.

With home ownership declining in America, more people being forced into rental property and sky rocketing rental costs is this the future for many Americans?  Is life to be lived inside a small closet for many of us after corporate America has pillaged and raped the economy?  Can you imagine living for months at a time inside one of these shoe boxes with your spouse during those long winter months and not getting irritated at each other due to the lack of personal space?  Just think of it, you can eat, bath, poop, sleep, entertain friends and  relax all in one tiny room?

Can you imagine living in one of these homes as you become older and trying to climb up and down a tiny, steep staircase to your tiny loft bedroom?  You could easily fall and seriously injure yourself doing this even if you are young and athletic!  How would this kind of house work out for handicapped people?

People live in their cars, why not one of these?

Is this the future of home ownership in America?  The Tiny House is the latest trendy, eco-friendly housing solution for America's cash-strapped former and future home owners!  These 'tiny' houses have 100-300 square feet of living space and average 200 square feet with a cost of $200/square foot.  The average conventional home in America cost around $120/square foot so these homes aren't benefitting from economy of scale.  They do however cost around $40,000 for a 200 sq. ft. tiny home.

HGTV even has a special show for these trendy homes called Tiny House Hunters!  This show extols the advantages of the tiny house mostly to younger age viewers.  HGTV viewers of this trendy show are treated to tiny homes built from many materials including steel storage containers!  You know, the storage containers you see used on ships for transporting various goods.  Think of it.  You could have your 'home' loaded on a ship and you could be 'shipped' to a foreign country for your next temporary job!  Most of the tiny houses featured on HGTV are on trailers and can be easily be transported to your next temporary home site!  Think of the convenience!  How about water, sewage, electricity, TV, internet, etc?  Do you need a tiny house 'pad' like the ones used by mobile home parks?  Think of connecting all these utilities each and every time you move your tiny house!  This is not the life style I envisioned for my golden years.  The porch on one of these tiny houses isn't big enough for one or even two rocking chairs for grandpa and grandma to watch the sun set.  Maybe the sun has set on the American dream and this is the solution corporate America has in store for us?

Fifty years ago you could afford a nice middle class home for $25,000!  I know because my parents bought a nice 1,800 square foot home with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room, dining room, living room, covered 2-car garage, nice yard, a screened in patio porch in a decent middle class development in Melrose Park, Florida in 1965 for $25,000 on a seven year low interest home loan!  Today, we are being reduced to the expectation of living inside a shoe box!

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