Wake Up Elbert!

Undocumented and lovin it!

Feb 28, 2017

Why do illegal aliens come to America?  It’s basically for three reasons.  They can live a better life, get lots of free stuff and their governments are glad to get rid of them!

Illegal aliens can:

Get a driver’s license and drive around freely.
They can get free education for college and K-12 public schools
They can get free medical care
They get free food
They get to vote and this is especially a problem in states like California that register voters along with a driver’s license
Illegal aliens are encouraged to come to ‘sanctuary’ cities (link includes updated list of sanctuary cities)
They can get housing assistance (ref p. 5 of 40)
They get tax refunds that exceed any taxes they pay
They can get a tax credit for their children at home, abroad and unborn
They can get financial aid for higher education
They can get unemployment benefits
They can freely pass back and forth across our border and send their ‘incomes’ back to their home country
They can hunt and fish in some states
They can get free treatment for mental illness
They can work and get paid ‘off the books’ and receive employment benefits in certain states such as New York (ref p. 2)
Battered illegal aliens and their children can get public benefits (ref p.2)
Immigrant households (legal and illegal) receive more welfare assistance than native households
The Democratic Party will fight for the 'rights' of illegal aliens to maintain all these and more illegal benefits
Various Illegal Alien ‘rights’ groups within the US vow to continue supporting illegal aliens
US court decisions uphold the ‘rights’ of illegal aliens
Some billionaires fund efforts to promote illegal alien migration to the US
Mexico does nothing to deter illegal aliens from crossing the US border
The US congress has so far not passed legislation to stop all illegal aliens from entering the US or not ending all the myriad federal benefits to illegal aliens and has in fact proposed legislation to help illegal aliens
A lot of citizens that are members of the Democratic party support illegal migration
Some US corporations like MasterCard fund and support illegal migration around the world

If illegals get caught inside the US border they get released and can get to a sanctuary city, find a job and burrow into the system.


With all these incentives outweighing the disincentives, what's not to keep illegal aliens from disregarding our laws and sovereignty and illegally migrate to the US?  In short, they are Undocumented(illegal) and Lovin It!