Wake Up Elbert!

Who and what is AntiFa?

AntiFa is an acronym for Anti-Fascists organization.  They are supposedly opponents of fascism.  They are the people you have seen protesting violently at University of California Berkley, New York University and numerous town hall meetings recently.  They often wear black clothing including hoods and masks to conceal their identity.   They seem to be composed of young white anarchists who live with their parents.  They use tactics reminiscent of the brown shirts of the Nazi Germany party under Adolf Hitler in the 1920-1930's.  One of their stated goals is to control the streets when they engage their opponents.

Another of their stated goals is to keep anyone they consider to be fascists, homophobes, islamaphobes from speaking or being able to operate without their confrontation.  They throw rocks, bricks, spray opponents with mace, they break windows, they try to out shout anyone opposing them, they destroy private property, they start fires , they resort to physical confrontation including assaulting anyone they deem their opponents.

They planned to disrupt President Trump's inauguration.  They also tagged along with the Women's March on DC protesting President Trump and they did property damage and injured people.

They are actually I believe a radical arm of the Democratic Party as they oppose only those who oppose the Democratic Party as far as I can tell.  They never demonstrate or oppose democrats.

They should be classified as a domestic terrorist organization since they oppose the government of the United States  by violence and attempts to disrupt commerce and physical attacks upon others in their attempt to silence anyone them oppose.