Rare Przewalski's horse thriving inside Chernobyl radioactive human exclusion zone!

Watch this video to see inside the contaminated area where only brief visits are allowed.  This same videographer hosted a PBS series about nuclear radiation and its beneficial aspects earlier this year!  The same thing is being done around Fukishima, Japan.

October 6, 2015

Almost 30 years after the Chernobyl nuclear accident, wildlife is thriving in high background radiation levels of what is considered to be "chronic levels of radiation stress" in the zone where only humans are prohibited (the Exclusion Zone)while animals thrive in a wildlife refuge called the Polesie State Radioecological Reserve (PSRER)!   I thought high levels of radiation were bad for people, animals and insects?  The Chernobyl experience proves that the concept of all levels of radiation being harmful to life is a flawed thesis!  Chernobyl proves that "chronic radiation stress" is actually beneficial to human and animal life. 

Researchers said: their findings point to "wildlife's resilience in the face of chronic radiation stress."

The study in Current Biology confirms the scientifically established fact that 'high' levels of radiation that are not too extreme are beneficial to people and animals!  See this for more on beneficial radiation.  The governments of the world and media have been propagandizing the world's people with the flawed concept that all radiation is bad for health for decades!  It is a lie!

While very high levels of radiation are harmful and people and animals can be harmed even fatally by very high levels of radiation, what is considered to be 'dangerous and unhealthy' to people and animals is actually beneficial.  The study by Current Biology and parroted by other news agencies attribute the thriving wildlife in the Chernobyl refuge to an absence of people while downplaying the affects of elevated radiation levels. This seems to me to be part of the great propaganda effort promoted by world governments and mainstream media for decades which is sorely lacking in credibility.

Wake Up Elbert!

Since humans are all but excluded from the Chernobyl radioactive zone surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear plant, the animals have taken over and you can see wild boar, deer, lynx, bison, eagles, moose, wolves and more thriving in abundance inside the still highly elevated radiation zone which is now a wild life refuge!  So why if the animals are thriving are humans excluded from this area?  Obviously, if the animals are thriving there is no reason to believe that people wouldn't also!  Is it because there is an underlying propaganda theme dominating radioactivity that the powers that be want to continue promoting?  Clearly that is the case.

The whole idea presented by Current Biology's study on Chernobyl that wildlife thrives around Chernobyl because people have been removed fits nicely with the UN Agenda 21 and the rewilding of civilized areas!  Could that be the real reason for the Current Biology Study?  Isn't that what the Rewilding Institute is all about?  The Rewilding Institute is an organization that plans to and is proceeding to "rewild" vast areas of civilized continents.  That is to say, they plan to reintroduce large predatory animals into civilized areas by displacing people to make it safe for animals to dominate that area!  Much like what has been done in the Chernobyl wildlife refuge and human exclusion zone!  Get the picture?  In the words of the Rewilding Institute "Rewilding is “the scientific argument for restoring big wilderness based on the regulatory roles of large predators.”"

The scary part of all of this!

This is just my take on what the possible implications of the Chernobyl human exclusion zone could mean taking into account the global masters and their plans to reform the earth into their own design.  Since we now know from the Chernobyl experiment which excludes people while reintroducing wildlife into a 'high' radiation zone that it is safe and even beneficial to animals so that they can thrive and that scientific research over decades has proven that elevated levels of radiation are beneficial to man and beast especially in the medical arenas, we can speculate about the potential reason for this Chernobyl experiment.  Could it be that the whole Chernobyl accident and subsequent 'rewilding' of the wildlife refuge surrounding Chernobyl is a test meant to prove the validity of the 'rewilding' of vast tracts of land with animals while excluding people and that the introduction of 'high' yet beneficial radiation can be used to quickly restore 'civilized' areas to a 'natural' state such as the global elite seem set on doing?  Could it be that the global elite, the powers that be, the New World Order or whatever you want to call the super wealthy elitists that are reforming the world to their heart's desire have a plan to introduce high levels of radiation to vast areas of the world, remove people from those areas and reintroduce wildlife into those areas that they know will thrive under such conditions?  Could this be the plan for depopulating the world of people and repopulating the world with animals while the global elite mange the whole transformation?  Could it be that the global elite plan a limited thermonuclear war to depopulate vast areas of the world of people and reintroduce saved animals via a nuclear arc?  I have no doubt that they are considering and quite possibly proceeding to follow that plan!

Spotted eagle inside Chernobyl human exclusion zone.